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I had a wonderful time this past saturday capturing a beautiful couple on their wedding day. The wedding was on her fathers farm and simply amazing! The bride and groom were so much fun which made my job even easier! Here are just a few pics of their special day!


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So I finally made something!  I started out simple.  I made boring plain burp clothes a little more fun by adding stripes of fabric down the center.  I saw this on ETSY and said, “I could do that!”  I am happy with the out come.
















I got daring and even added a star!









This is the leftover fabric from our wedding.  We used it to decorate the tables at the reception.  I have no idea what I am going to make with it.  I welcome any ideas! 












This is just a small glimpse pf my ridiculous fabric collection.  I have much more plus I just purchased around 60 more yards a few days ago at JoAnn Fabrics, yikes!  I believe I have a problem.  🙂

I am planning on making a few more burp clothes this week plus a few baby blankets.  I also would like to try a diaper bag.  I will keep you posted!


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BC5 copy

Well I bought a sewing machine a few months ago. Until this afternoon it has stayed in the box behind the couch. I have finally fined the sewing room with help and motivation from my “nesting”. I am excited to start my first project tonight! I am going to add fabric to burp clothes to make them cute! I figure I will start simple since I don not know how to sew. I will post pictures when I am done!

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5 year old pictures!


I am so happy with how these photos turned out!  I asked him this year what theme he wanted for his photo shoot.  He said he wanted them to look like the Eric Church CD booklet.  He proved to be a lil rock star, he was a bit opinionated and telling me what photos to take.  It was really cute!  Well enjoy!  As always I welcome feedback! 

For all of the photos click HERE.


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The Feed Mill

The Rome Feed Mill… What a beautiful old building! 

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Just for fun!

Hunter came with me today on a photo shoot.  When I was done I snapped a few of him. They turned out really cute!




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hpvI went to my doctor a few years ago and asked about getting the Gardasil Vaccine.  He made it clear, it would not be in my best interests to receive this shot!  He explained the drug company was using false/misleading advertisement. A lot of doctors were not happy with the loose usage of this vaccine.  At the time I trusted my doctor and now I am glad!   Please look at the articles posted on this web-page.  Please educate yourself before you or your daughter receives this vaccine!  


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